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Are You Ready for Christmas?

When you read those words does it register anxiety because of all that a parent must do to “be ready” for a big family holiday? Likely you would answer the question quickly, “We Are Not Yet Ready!” However, the question is not at all about whether or not you have been able to tackle your […]


How to Balance Receiving with Giving

One of the critical challenges of holiday time is that our children get so used to receiving oodles of gifts that they begin to expect that they will always get more and more. But have you noticed how quickly they lose interest in many toys they receive during the holidays? Showering our children with gifts […]


Is It Okay to Hide Money From My Spouse?

After hearing you talk about financial infidelity, I have to admit that I hide money from my husband. I have been setting aside money for emergencies without his knowledge. He is not terrible with money, but he always seems to find something to spend it on. Before I started doing this, we never managed to […]

Screens and Teens Dec 22

Devices as Christmas Gifts… What You Need to Know

Christmas is here! I feel like we were celebrating last year’s Christmas, well, yesterday. Time sure does fly. I think being a parent immediately puts all of us in a time warp. Speaking of, how much do you miss the “old days” of Christmas? If you are north of 30, you know what I am […]


Control What You Can

My husband and I recently watched Summer Rental, a 1985 movie about a family on vacation. We noticed a stark difference be­tween the behavior of the children in this older movie and the behavior of children in more recent productions. The children in “Summer Rental” were more realistic. They talked too much but could entertain […]


Seven Experience Gifts to Give Kids this Season

Does it feel like your kids already have more toys than they could ever want? I love the holidays and the spirit of gift-giving, but every year, I wonder what toys my kids could possibly want and where they will go in our already crowded home. Experience gifts are a great gift option that has […]


Student Spotlights December 2022

Every month we compile a list of students and schools doing great things across our community.  We have so many talented students in our area.  Greater Pensacola Parents joins with these families and schools to celebrate their achievements! Dothan High SGA Raises Money for Cancer Recently, Dothan High School's Student Government Association donated $192.25 to [...]
Mom 2 Mom family WP Dec 22

Mom to Mom with Elizabeth Duke

Let me start by congratulating you on kicking cancer’s butt. Can you share your experience with us? ED: When I was 13 years old, I was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, a bone cancer. I am currently cured and have check-ups. The doctors initially said I had a 10% chance of survival and no chance of […]


Teacher of the Month: Anna Hall, Holly Hill Elementary School

“Your students will remember your smile, your laugh, that you loved them and that they were im­portant,” shared Anna Hall, our Wiregrass Parents Teacher of the Month. “Don’t stress yourself out over the things they won’t remember. Breathe, lis­ten, laugh, and love them. That’s most important.” Mrs. Hall has been teaching for 26 years and […]

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