Insanity of Mary Girard

The Insanity of Mary Girard

Senior, Natalie Janney plays Mary Girard in this immersive, thought provoking, and fascinating historical drama about the roles that men and women were expected to play in early American society, and just what can happen when you don’t live up to the expectations of your station. The play centers primarily on Mary’s time in the Pennsylvania Hospital, as told by her and a “greek chorus” of inmates, who help her see clearly the path that lead her to be placed in there with them. This story is based on a letter Stephen Girard wrote to his brother in 1787 where he lamented about,
“Having been so foolish as to marry this unfortunate vixen… I treat her properly but at the same time I despise her as much as it is possible to despise anyone… I hate her like the devil and note with pleasure that this feeling increases from day to day.”
A powerhouse of actors in this ensemble cast bring the story to life as it is presented in an intimate theater space. Join us in the basement of the Pennsylvania Hospital as we learn more about Mary and those closest to her, and what led to the tragic fate of Mrs. Stephen Girard.
Written by: Lanie Robertson Directed by: Caleb Brooks
Starring: Natalie Janney, Easton Rush, Jaishon McDonald, Feb Aba, Weezie Brand, Cassi Smith, & Taylor Beth Thompson.
Stage Manager: Ella Smith
Sound: Zofia Walkowski
Lighting: Kayanna Frank

The event is finished.


Oct 28 - 30 2021


Spark Theater
1330 Hartford Hwy., Dothan AL
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