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Dave Says… Pay Debt?

Is debt consolidation a good way to get out of debt? Here’s the big reason debt consolidation isn’t a good idea. It makes you feel like you truly did something to change your whole financial outlook when you

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Teacher of the Month: Briana Gibson, Dothan Preparatory Academy

“Special Education is my passion and my drive. Coming up with new ways to teach 14 students with different personalities and disabilities motivates me as a whole,” shares this month’s Teacher of the Month Briana Gibson.

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Mom To Mom with Patricia “Trish” King

My pregnancy was complicated and the twins came at 26 weeks. I was told several times I would not see my children make it through the night. Dale spent 151 days in NICU and Zack spent 192 days. Of course, there is so much more to the story than just that.

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Assessing Chest Wall Deformities

Sponsored by: Dothan Pediatric Healthcare Network

Some patients are quite concerned by the appearance of the chest wall and will not participate in activities where other children may be able to see their chest. The initial assessment of the child with this abnormality is a…

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Great Apps for Kids with Special Needs

Like any other kids, kids with special needs are diverse, and many educational apps can help them with their specific needs. Here are some of the best ones, and they’re all free.

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The Mental Health Consequences of Device Removal

What happens when you have a child or teen who has been attached to their device and then it is removed?

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A Creative Discipline Approach for Kids with Special Needs

Finding healthy, effective approaches to gaining children’s cooperation, and improving their behavior isn’t always easy. The tried and true methods often turn out to be true but temporary at best, especially for children with behavior problems

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Helping Your Child Feel Safe

All parents will observe their children displaying fear in situations that are anything but scary. This occurs when the child does not have “felt safety”. How you respond to your child in these situations will help them respond more appropriately at the moment.

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